FETISH 08 J-Son Yau

J-Son Yau

The protagonist of this issue is still J-Son Yau. He is an amateur model in Malaysia. He has produced quite a lot of photo albums for various magazines. His own mirror is quite good, with white skin and sexy body. A material for the model.
Here is a list of all the photobooks he shot:

selfie No.01「J-son」 116P

QM 2.1 J-son Yau扼男【ebook】01

kora-xperiment No.09 酷啦 陰陽師 J-son Yau

男攝 NO.134 強壯 J-son型男写真

男摄NO.101:J-son杰森 2017(免费)

男攝 NO.80+尤物男孩 J-son Yau(上中下)