WHOSEMAN NO.49阿部&安東尼177P

WHOSEMAN NO.49阿部&安東尼177P

what is love?
The emotion we are pursuing
It seems doesn’t to exist in the sea.

Until that day, when I saved you from the sea
I finally determined the direction that I wanted to pursue…

This time, A-bu became a mermaid
beging loved with Anthony
They across every various limits to love

The temperature in the water is starting to rise.
Kissing and touching
They seems to be losed control
Then falling the trap slowly…



来自泰国泼水节的猛男帅哥,有着好看的脸,和充满诱惑的身体,胸和腹肌恰恰证明他的能力。 所以这部帅气的写真集,你值得拥有。 预览图: