XPERIMENT Rose Garden 9位玫瑰 情人特輯

強大軍團SKiiNMODE再次推出情人特刊 Rose Garden,玫瑰代表愛情,情人間因為求婚或表達愛意都會想到玫瑰。

SKiiNMODE Kora大師分享,在公元前八世紀的史詩“伊利亞德”中,荷馬告訴我們,赫克託在他死後除了用香油塗抹之外,阿基里斯是如何將他的身體使用玫瑰油膏……..

本集中再次見證大師作品的細膩,大量使用各種顏色的玫瑰,紅色玫瑰的熱情奔放,從天而降黃玫瑰的繽紛,白玫瑰的清新小品,粉玫瑰在男模臉旁顯的嬌羞,大師的醉愛-巨根,在大量花瓣的襯托下更顯出陽剛與壯闊,一道令人食指大動的主菜,請讀者大口品嘗 ! 願天下有情人終成眷屬,沒伴的脫單成功 !

Roses have played an important role in art, religion and commerce from the time of ancient Crete almost four thousand years ago. 
Roses also occur as a continuing theme 
in the myth and folklore of the various cultures 
from that time forward.

However, their use as symbols, 
whether metaphorically or allegorically, is not recorded 
with any significance until the texts of classic Athenian literature. 
In the eighth century BC epic poem, Illiad, Homer tells us 
how Hector’s body was anointed with rose oil 
after his death at Achilles hand. 
Apart from the obvious reason for anointing a body 
with scented oils, 
the practice may owe its origins to the
folklore of the time..