XPERIMENT Legendary Weapon No.01

SKiiNMODE 最新系列創作 ! 有時候人們會在生活中迷失方向。
他們看起來可能是牙醫或職員,但內心深處卻是性格激烈的武士或女神,具有毀滅性的吸引力。 這些真實的自我可以出現在角色扮演的世界裡,模仿動畫,漫畫,日本電子遊戲和其他虛構領域角色的做法。
同時,讓我們花時間享受我們的創作 !

Sometimes people are miscast in life.
They may appear to be dentists or clerks, but deep down they are actually fierce swordsmen or goddesses with devastating sex appeal. These true selves can emerge in the world of cosplay, the practice of impersonating characters from anime, manga, Japanese video games, and other realms of fiction.
Legendary Weapons turns Fanyasy fictions into a realistic portrait in Skiinmode’s style with Super hot models
Meanwhile, let’s take time to enjoy our creations.