men.comThe Pledges (Cooper Reed,Donny Wright,Haigen Sence,Johnny Rapid,Kip Johnson) Jizz Orgy

Johnny Rapid Jizz Orgy with Cooper Reed , Donny Wright , Haigen Sence and Kip Johnson

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There’s an excellent line up of hot talent in The Pledges. Cooper Reed, a fit, tattooed top guy is in charge, and he sites his four pledgers an initiation test to see if they have what it takes to join his fraternity. The pledge-master sets them the task of pool wrestling and the four have no choice but to obey. First up for it are Haigen Sence, the muscled, tattooed top, and Johnny Rapid, the smooth cut twink guy. They wrestle in the paddling pool, slippery in baby oil, before things get even more tricky and Donny Wright and Kip Johnson join them. It’s wild alright.

And gets wilder as the tougher top guys rip off poor Johnny’s shorts, showing us his cute cut dick. That’s enough to give our pledge master a good idea, and he instructs two of the hunky top guys to star making out together. They can see where this is going but will do whatever he says, and within minutes the guys are kissing and sucking cock. Johnny then starts on Cooper, the others start on each other and their hands start stroking those oiled up cocks. There’s enough length of hardon here to stretch a mile and you can smell the testosterone in the air.

The guys swap around, all of them now in the pool and the sucking and slipping, grunting and sliding continue as the mood changes. Serious anal sex is now the name of the initiation game and the tops start to check out the bottom boys’ asses. Everyone gets what they want in the ensuing hardcore fuck session that leaves five guys shooting their cum all over Chip, and all five of them deciding that his has been the best pledge ritual ever. We agree.